Joao Messias

CTO, Latent Logic

Joao is the CTO and co-founder of Latent Logic. Prior to this, João Messias had a leading role in the technical integration of several research projects on robotics and applied artificial intelligence, including TERESA, MOnarCH, and MAIS+S. He has been an active researcher on these topics since 2008, and he received his PhD in electrical and computer engineering in 2014, while at the Institute for Systems and Robotics in Lisbon. Until 2017 and in the context of the TERESA project, João was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam.


Programme sessions

11:00 – 12:00

Humans learn from imitating other humans – from baby’s first steps to You-Tube DIY videos. What if robots could do the same?

This talk covers how advanced deep learning techniques can teach autonomous systems to perform complex human-like behaviours, using just 1 hour of (unlabelled) video data, and how we’re applying this to increasing the safety of self-driving cars.

Location: Chakrabarti
Speaker: Joao Messias (replacing Kirsty Lloyd-Jukes)

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