Tim Ellison

IBM Q Ambassador

Tim Ellison is a senior member of IBM’s technical staff based in Winchester, UK.  He has worldwide responsibility for cloud managed runtimes, and is an IBM Q Ambassador in the quantum computing program.

Prior to his current position Tim led teams developing integrated programming environments, compilers, and advanced hardware exploitation.  He has a long history in open source projects at the Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation, and is an expert member on numerous industry groups.  He works closely with IBM clients and speaks publicly on quantum computing technology and its opportunities.

Tim holds degrees in Computer Science, and Computer System Design. He has a broad knowledge of high performance runtimes, security, language implementation and optimisation, open source methodologies, and applying new technology to difficult problems.


Programme sessions

14:30 – 15:30

Quantum Applications

Quantum computing is in its infancy but developments have already given rise to start-up companies using quantum technologies in novel ways. These include Oxford Quantum Circuits, a new approach to scaling superconducting based qubits; Oxford HighQ, using microcavities for chemical sensing; and Verivin, analysing wine without opening the bottle!

We also explore software innovations with NQIT, IBM Q and Cambridge Quantum Computing – on the challenges for programming quantum computers and developments in creating new quantum applications.

Location: Kennedy
Speakers: Niel de Beaudrap, Tim Ellison, Evert Geurtsen, Ilyas KhanCecilia MuldoonJeremy Warren and Ilana Wisby

16:45 – 17:30

Closing Plenary: “Technology is cool, but you’ve got to use it as opposed to letting it use you” Prince

All day we will have been learning about the technologies behind our four sectors, and will have also explored the exciting range of applications that are or will be on offer. Now, to close our event, a diverse and knowledgeable panel of local business people and experts, led by Dr Matt Perkins for OUI, will consider the opportunities and, yes, challenges of these ground breaking sectors. We look forward to a lively and entertaining debate.

Location: Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall, Clerici Building
Speakers: Rob Buckingham, Tim Ellison, Barbara Ghinelli, Sarah HaywoodMatt Perkins and Phil Southall

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