Nigel Crook
Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Exchange, Oxford Brookes University

Nigel Crook is Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange and Professor of Artificial Intelligence and robotics at Oxford Brookes University. He graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc (hons) in Computing and Philosophy in 1982. He has a PhD in medical expert systems and almost 30 years of experience as a lecturer and a researcher in AI. He is an expert reviewer for the European Commission and serves on several scientific committees for international conferences. His research interests include biologically inspired machine learning, embodied conversational agents and social robotics. His most recent work is in autonomous moral robots in which he is exploring how it might be possible to equip robots with a degree of moral competence. This would enable robots to recognise the moral consequences of their actions and be able to predict what kinds of behaviours are acceptable in a given situation. Prof Crook is also working on other aspects of ethical AI, including developing systems that can explain the decision of trained machine learning models and automatic personality typing. He is founder of the Ethical AI institute at Oxford Brookes University (formal launch summer 2019). His work in robotics has attracted some media attention, including 16 appearances on regional, national and international television channels.

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09:30 - 10:30

Leading in the age of AI & Data

Sponsored by Oxford Brookes

Union Hall

AI has the potential to transform industries.  It already has had a positive impact by helping improve manufacturing and quality of healthcare.  More recently AI has been also transforming the professional services sectors such as law, accountancy and human resources. The outcomes have included: increased productivity and margins, differentiated products and services, more jobs and increased growth.  New developments in AI and Data science have the potential to continue to help us maintain our global leadership position for many years to come.

In this session, we will hear how some of the companies at the heart of this AI and data revolution are innovating and disrupting our world and how our universities are contributing to supporting our companies to meet the challenge.

Speakers: Nigel Crook– Oxford Brookes University, Vaclav Potesil – Optellum and  Jakob Howard – Latent Logic

Chaired by Deborah Spencer– University of Oxford

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