Tim Ballance
Director of UK R&D, ColdQuanta

Dr Timothy Ballance is Director of UK Research and Development at ColdQuanta, leading the UK team since its establishment in 2017 and growing it to a diverse R&D operation across many areas of quantum technology. Dr Ballance holds a PhD in quantum networking with trapped ions from University of Cambridge. Prior to joining ColdQuanta, Dr Ballance was a researcher at University of Oxford working on quantum computing as part of the NQIT Quantum hub.

ColdQuanta is the leader in Cold Atom Quantum Technology, the most scalable, versatile, and commercially viable application of quantum. The company operates three lines of business – Quantum Computing, Quantum Research as a Service and ColdAtom Technologies. The Quantum Computing division will launch Hilbert 1.0, a cloud-based 100 qubit quantum computer, in early 2022. Quantum Research-as-a-Service supports the government and enterprises in developing quantum inertial sensing, radio frequency receivers, and networking technologies, including high precision clock prototypes which will be available in late 2022. The ColdAtom Technologies division provides products for quantum computing companies and quantum lab environments. ColdQuanta is based in Boulder, CO with offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Oxford, UK. Find out more at www.coldquanta.com.

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What does Oxfordshire have to offer quantum computing?

Pickavance Lecture Theatre | Main Stage

Quantum computing is in its early stages of commercialisation and continues to be strongly anchored within the academic base. Harwell Campus will host the UKRI National Quantum Computing Centre. A small number of quantum computing companies and setting up in Oxfordshire and other larger companies are providing key parts of the supply chain. This panel will look at the prospects for monetising quantum computing and will consider whether Oxfordshire can become the regional anchor for the UK’s quantum computing industry.

Panellists: Stuart Woods – Oxford InstrumentsWenmiao Yu – Quantum DiceBarbara Ghinelli – STFCTom Harty – Oxford Ionics, Tim Ballance – ColdQuanta and Simon Plant – Deputy Director – Innovation, NQCC.

Chaired by Sarah Haywood – Advanced Oxford.

Sponsored by National Quantum Computing Centre.

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