Venturefest Oxford is back: 2021 programme launched

As Venturefest Oxford will take place within weeks of the COP26 conference, you can expect to see local business leaders reflecting on the low carbon and sustainability agenda. Looking forward to ensure that Oxfordshire continues to be at the forefront of enterprise, innovation, development of cutting edge technology and new industries.

The event will take place over half a day, with registration opening at 13:00 both in person and online, with the welcome session starting at 13:30, followed by our subject specific panels:

From Glasgow to Oxfordshire – Reflections on COP26
13:40 – 14:30 – Pickervance Lecture Theatre | Main Stage
The COP26 conference in Glasgow from 1st to 12th November 2021, will provide ever more focus on the net zero, environmental and sustainability agenda. Leading Oxfordshire companies will reflect on what COP 26 means for their companies and their mission and we will consider how Oxfordshire’s innovation ecosystem is at the leading edge in the development of technologies and approaches that will address the climate crisis.

Creating an Ecosystem for Start-ups to Thrive
14:45 – 15:45 – Pickervance Lecture Theatre | Main Stage
Oxfordshire has a vibrant community of young and early stage companies, with many new ones created each year. Many of these are spin-outs from Oxford’s two Universities and benefit greatly from the support of their parent institutions. However, many companies start without the backing of Oxfordshire’s universities or decide to locate within the Oxfordshire region to grow and develop their innovation. This panel will look at the ecosystem for start-ups, considering how companies gain support and grow, and will examine the strengths and weaknesses of Oxfordshire as a place for start-ups to scale and succeed.

What does Oxfordshire has to offer Quantum Computing?
16:30 – 17:30 – Pickervance Lecture Theatre | Main Stage
Quantum computing is in its early stages of commercialisation and continues to be strongly anchored within the academic base. Harwell Campus will host the UKRI National Quantum Computing Centre. A small number of quantum computing companies and setting up in Oxfordshire and other larger companies are providing key parts of the supply chain. This panel will look at the prospects for monetising quantum computing and will consider whether Oxfordshire can become the regional anchor for the UK’s quantum computing industry.

The event will also host the return of The Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards, although not quite as we have seen them before. More details to come soon.

Join us

The event at Harwell Campus, will include attendance to all sessions, in person networking and refreshments.  All attendees will have access to the online event platform Hopin to meet other attendees, join the event chat, polls and more.

We will be offering an early bird rate of £35 until Sunday 17th October. After that, ticket prices will increase to £45.

Virtual only tickets will be available for £15.

You can purchase your ticket from Tuesday 5th October.


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