For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

If you’re a high-tech, investor-ready entrepreneur looking for funding, Pitchfest is the right event for you. Here is what previous Pitchfest finalists have said about the event:

 Thanks to the PitchFest, I’ve engaged with early stage ventures who helped me to refine my fund raising strategy

Thanks, it was a great event and we now have interest from several investors!


The benefits of participating in Pitchfest go beyond the possibility of getting funding and include:


Networking opportunities might range from getting leads to other funding opportunities to meeting like-minded professionals. As a former Pitchfest finalist notes:

another benefit to events like Pitchfest is you get to meet people who are going through the same journey at different stages. That’s very important, because the start-up process is an isolating one and you don’t necessarily have access to the people who know what thats like and to be able to interact with them in a small venue, it’s fantastic (Dr Gil Travish, Chief Scientific Officer, Adaptix).


Free presentation skills training

Before the event, we offer free Knowledge Transfer Network skills training so that you can strengthen your pitch deck and presentation skills.

The Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards

All Pitchfest finalists are entered into The Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards.

The Oxford Trust is a core sponsor of Venturefest and runs the Enterprise Awards Programme to recognise and reward outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship.

Being part of Venturefest

After Pitchfest, you can continue your business journey with us by becoming part of Venturefest Oxford. For example, some Pitchfest finalists have exhibited their ventures at the annual Innovation Showcase or presented at the Pitching for Success competition.

PR exposure

Engagement with the press is voluntary, but if your start-up is ready, we could get you some PR exposure through Pitchfest. For example, The Oxford Times, That’s Oxfordshire TV, BBC radio, etc.


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