Top 10 digital tips for small businesses
26th January 2016
Starting up a new business or thinking that 2016 is the year to take your business online? There are plenty of points to consider before embracing the digital world and launching your new website. Neil Dagger, Nominet’s senior product marketing manager for the UK domain family, takes you through 10 essential top tips.

1. Secure the best domain name you can for your website

Securing the right domain name for your website is crucial. A memorable name on a trusted domain gives your website legitimacy and helps people find you easily. Don’t delay as domain names get snapped up fast. For useful advice when deciding on your domain name visit the advice section of the .uk domain website.

2. Use your company name on your email

Sending out emails from a hotmail or gmail account doesn’t look professional and can suggest inexperience. For added credibility consider a respected domain name for your email eg: [email protected] or the new shorter .uk. Make sure your email domain matches your website domain.

3. Decide how much web hosting space you are going to need

Hosting services provide a place to store the files on your website. It’s important to remember that other hosting services, like email, require additional storage so check that the space offered by your Internet service provider (ISP) will be enough, or whether you’ll need to arrange more.

4. Be clear about what your website is for

Whether you want to build your brand, sell goods or services, or expand your business, establishing your website’s purpose and clarifying your customer’s needs will help you make smart decisions about branding and design

5. Make sure your website is clear and simple

Simple layout and easy navigation work best online. Use a designer to create your website or use free tools available on platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger to do it yourself. Once you’ve got the finished article, simply transfer it to your domain and chosen host.

6. Use social media to drive traffic

Social media can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. Choose your social channels based on what your audience use and don’t take on too many. Quality engagement on a relevant platform is more important than having lots of social media accounts. To pick up more great tips about winning at social media, read this article from Angela Munroe.

7. Make it mobile-friendly

The number of mobile users is already overtaking those using desktops. Make sure your site is responsive ensuring easy navigation on smaller devices.

8. Consider legality

Decide what your own policies should be e.g. how you’ll use and store the data submitted by customers. Display your policies clearly.

9. Keep it safe

Install security software and be sure to download all the latest updates. Don’t leave your website vulnerable to viruses or hackers.

10. Track your online success

Luckily there are plenty of free online tools, such as Google Analytics to help you measure key performance stats such as page view, bounce rate and number of visitors, etc. Get set up with a suitable tool and use the information to make improvements to your website over time. Create your own digital space with the new shorter .uk domain

About the author

Neil Dagger is Nominet‰Ûªs senior product marketing manager for the UK domain family

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