Social Ventures: Choosing between companies limited by shares or by guarantee
22nd November 2021

When setting up a social venture in the UK, you can choose from a variety of legal structures – the most popular being a company, and specifically a private limited company. But how do you decide between a private company limited by shares or one limited by guarantee?

This guide is designed to help social entrepreneurs take this decision, by outlining the two types of private limited companies and highlighting the key factors that could influence your choice.


Co written by Emma Millar and Kieran John

Emma Millar
Emma works with charity and social venture clients helping them with a range of commercial and strategic projects.

Kieran John
Kieran is an Associate, advising charities and profit generating businesses that pioneer innovative ways to tackle social needs.

About the author

Taylor Vinters
Chris is a specialist charities and social ventures lawyer, leading work with social purpose organisations.

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