Protecting innovation
7th March 2016
Did you know that intellectual property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets your business will own? It could account for over 70% of your business’ value. IP is the collective name for the group of rights that protect your intangible assets. This includes creative works, know-how and technological innovations. There are four main types of IP:
  • Patents – which protect new inventions and innovations
  • Trade marks – which protect your company name and logo (or your brand)
  • Designs – which protect the visual appearance of a product
  • Copyright - which protects written and creative works, like music, film and photographs
Venturing into IP for the first time can seem daunting. Understanding which IP rights will give your business the best protection or knowing where to go for support can be difficult. Luckily, the Intellectual Property Office is on hand to help. IP for Business is a range of online support tools which offers information and guidance on IP rights. Designed to help you identify and protect your IP assets, the toolkit includes:  
  • IP Equip – A free, interactive e-learning tool to help you identify assets which may be protected by IP rights
  • IP Equip app – A free app available for iOS and Android devices, offering IP information at your fingertips
  • IP Health Check – A free online tool to help businesses assess, identify and add value to their IP
  • IP Master Class – A popular CPD accredited course on IP for business professionals, which can be completed face to face or online

About the author

Intellectual Property Office
Dave Hopkins is a Business Engagement Manager for the Intellectual Property Office. In his role he works with a range of local, regional and national organisations to help promote the value of IP rights to the business community. He regularly delivers a range of seminars on the subject and has had a number of articles published.

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