Giving your Clients a Perfect Service: Four top tips from the King’s Centre Team
25th May 2017
Here at the King’s Centre we pride ourselves on our quality of service. Our clients tell us time after time that they love being accommodated by us as we respond to their every need! Here are four top tips for giving your clients a perfect service:

1)     Be attentive to detail

From the very first phone call, it’s vital that you fully understand what the client wants. What they need might be slightly different, but it’s your job to get those two things to line up.  Let the client know that you’ve understood them by repeating back key details from what they’ve told you. Then try to listen out for what is important to them: What is the one factor which means this client will come to us and get a great service?

2)     Be prepared to pass on the baton!

It’s also so important to make accurate, well structured notes when interacting with your client. The perfect service is a team game, and details expressed at each level of the chain need to make it all the way through. The relay baton will need to be passed further down the line at some stage, and it is vital that the client’s needs are easily understood. Make sure everything is consistent between what you have on record and what the client is expecting.

3)     Always think ahead

At every stage of interaction with a client you need to be thinking on your toes.  Given what they’ve asked for, what problems might this client face? Would there be a more suitable option for them? Are there things which the client needs that even they haven’t realized yet? If these things cost money, how can we convey that cost to the client without it seeming like we’re adding hidden charges? Some things are time sensitive. Keep an eye on the period ahead of you to make sure the client gets everything they need on time Each client is different, and you have to have the flexibility to face challenges which arise at short notice, but thinking forward will keep you in good stead.

4)     Relationship is key

In the events industry, every client thinks that their event is the event of the year. And why not? We know that the venue space we provide is often the last thought for someone who is hosting an event. We want our clients to know that we understand that every event, conference, meeting, exam, away day or awards dinner is just as important in our eyes. So we treat each client with the same high level of respect. In this, relationship is key. We want to know what our clients do. What are they working on? How has their day been? Behind each event is a group of people. Good relationship benefits us both and ensures that each of our clients feels well looked after. We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, but providing perfect service is crucial in getting our business ventures off the ground. Having a great idea or product just isn’t enough in a competitive marketplace. Nowadays, how you serve is just as important as what you serve.
The King's Centre

About the author

The King‰Ûªs Centre, Oxford
Mark is at the head of the King‰Ûªs Centre‰Ûªs sales pipeline, controlling enquiries and confirming bookings for Oxford‰Ûªs largest conference and events venue.

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