How fast growth companies leave their competition standing
4th April 2016
Is your company growing at the speed you wish? Let’s be honest. Most companies never achieve anything like their full potential. Is it time to make sure your business does? I was talking to a Managing Director of a company earlier today. He’s utterly fed up. His Board of Directors are pulling in different directions and making it impossible for the company to grow. Strangely very few companies or entrepreneurs ensure the business leaders make growth easy. For twenty years my company, Strategenic Ltd, has researched companies that grow at 15% or more, profitably, year after year. Very few companies achieve that. In an industry that is struggling you might find one company that is growing well. In industries that are doing alright, one of two companies will outperform the rest by a long way. These are the companies we research. They are impressive. Inspirational. I interview the MD, learn exactly what they do and why they are so successful. From that research we created The Blueprint for Growth© which ensures our clients also achieve outstanding growth year after year. I would like to bring two of the characteristics of those fast growth companies to life for you now:

1. Fast growth companies align and unite

Unlike the MD I mentioned above, successful companies realise they cannot just create a product and sell it. They know that the leadership team must first define what they want the company to become. They know that the picture must be so inspiring that every leader must feel excited to be part of something so worthwhile – and commit to making it happen. Only then can they lead their staff to engage their hearts and minds. Then, together, the company will become unstoppable. We guided a small entrepreneurial creative agency in London called Nikid to do this. They were so inspired that, in three months flat, their revenue and profit more than doubled! When Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, the leaders were so clear about what they wanted to create that their employees bubbled over with enthusiasm. Hundreds of thousands of employees aligned – as one unstoppable team. Growth rocketed year after year. They transformed the IT market, becoming the most valuable technology company in the world.

2. Fast growth companies provide unusually good value

Many entrepreneurs design and sell products and services that they think are very exciting. Sadly, in customers’ eyes, few of those products or services really stand out. As a result they never achieve the full success they deserve. On the other hand, the world’s most successful companies solve their customers’ problems so effectively that they transform their lives. They enjoy such massive demand that they can charge higher prices. Slingshot SEO (now known as Relevance) chose to work only with companies they felt deserved to dominate their market. They realised their customers did not want SEO for its sake. Instead Slingshot decided to give them what they really wanted – to make them so visible they became truly successful. They hunted globally for the very best SEO experts and hired them. They created a software platform designed to ensure their customers’ success. The word spread like wildfire and Slingshot SEO grew by 3,157% in five years flat! Companies like these understand their customers’ concerns so deeply that they feel their pain when they wake up at night worrying. Then they pull out all the stops to create a solution that removes most, if not all, of their problem. No wonder they attract customers in droves. Is your business aligned? Is it set up to attract customers in droves? If not here is a short white paper to develop your thinking further.

About the author

Strategenic Ltd
Jane Bromley is the MD of Strategenic Ltd and guides companies to achieve fast, consistent business growth. Jane created The Blueprint for Growthå©. Using this, her clients have quadrupled growth in 2å_ years.

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