Zeta is a UK-based developer and manufacturer the sustainable lighting, signage and transport related products. The company designs, develops and manufactures intelligent, robust and reliable engineered products suited to a wide range of applications in the built environment.

What is your innovation?

Traffic control has an important role in smart mobility to ensure safety and prevent congestion. Zeta’s innovation focuses on a solution to transform the current traffic light systems to a level of usability that supports CAVs with V2X communications – which stands for Vehicle to Everything – in order to reduce delays whilst ensuring safety and lower carbon emissions.

Artificial intelligence based algorithm is the brain to improve traffic control efficiency in terms of vehicle delays, congestion level and safety by learning from experience dynamically. Traffic agents learn optimal intersection control actions such as vehicle prioritisation, time slot allocation for crossing and trajectory planning in an iterative way. The technical challenges addressed and improvements offered by this system are also identified as a priority by the National Infrastructure Commission in order to maximise the benefits of technological changes that will transform the way UK roads are used.

By capturing the infrastructure requirements factor of a traffic control system for autonomous driving, Zeta targets a clear market void. UK already has an extensive mature road network, and therefore, offering a solution that adapts existing infrastructure is the key. Despite potential national and international progress in the autonomous driving technology itself, there is a fundamental requirement of control infrastructure on the UK and international roads prior to deployment of these technologies.

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