Zelta Technologies

Zelta Technologies is an Oxford-endorsed start-up working to change the face of dermatology using artificial intelligence, with a focus on hair loss.

Zelta stems from a personal experience with hair loss. Aside from its psychological impact, alopecia has been associated with an elevated risk of heart disease in men and hormonal or nutritional problems in women. This is a pressing medical issue in the UK, which has the fifth highest number of male alopecia patients in Europe and 8 million female alopecia patients.

Our technology aims to:

  • Provide accurate alopecia analysis with information educating users on possible underlying health conditions
  • Encourage patients to seek a medical opinion without delay
  • Predict users’ health and risk profiles based on their hair loss profile (future direction)

Contact Details

[email protected]

130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD

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