Wizdish makes a walking / running simulation platform (the ROVR) allowing a person to move safely, freely and intuitively in virtual reality presented by head mounted displays.

ROVRs are accessible to all ages and ability from 4yrs to 80+ yrs enabling visits to compelling virtual reality worlds and coming back feeling they were actually there.

A ROVR comprises a one meter diameter shallow, dished platform and together with a VR containment frame and low friction shoes achieves safe effortless intuitive motion.

ROVRs have big brand and organisation repeat sale validation with 100’s of thousands of people having experienced real presence VR. Clients include: Samsung, Nissan, Wells Fargo, Arup, Dominator Yachts, British Army and dozens of others in 33 countries.

Wizdish has a strong management team with international hands-on experience of building companies and delivering commercially successful technology solutions.

What is your innovation?

The ROVR is a versatile locomotion platform enabling; walking, running, skiing, skate & snow-boarding in VR worlds. US and UK patents have been granted, further IP awaits filing and the Company holds software and process know-how.

ROVRs use a trick seldom realised – that we don’t carry memories of how we move our legs when we walk or run, but we do need necessary brain cues for us to be convinced we are.

The mode of ROVR movement delivers these brain cues and the technologies to do this are crucial to ROVR’s success.

ROVR platforms are light and low profile, easily transported and storable in homes and offices. ROVR VR containment frames are easy to ship, quick to build and dismantle for storage to a similar profile of the platform.

ROVRs are compatible with all VR wired / wireless headsets.

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