We are a group of PhD and Masters students from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. We created and designed an universal chassis cells that are at heart of the development of synthetic biology. The problems we are aiming to solve are the current lack of universal standards and robust function over synthetic organisms designed through gene editing. By using this artificial cells, we can offer improved performance in various field, such as manufacture and synthesis of artemisinin, or real time surveillance in environmental monitoring of hazardous compounds.

Computer moves bits where biology moves atom, the ability to engineer living organism allows us to revolutionise the current model in agriculture, chemical industry and health care. However, as noted by many scientists and industrial experts, it is crucial to have an universal and programmable cell chassis to allow functionalise of the designed gene circuits. This field is current lacking with a handful start-ups such as Gingoko bioworks, Zymergen and J.Crag Venter start to notice it.

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