TrustonTap has developed a disruptive marketplace platform to connect older people (and their families) directly with self-employed care workers, avoiding the need for traditional care agencies and enabling improved quality of care.

The revolutionary platform enables customers to pay substantially less for homecare and care workers to earn substantially more than they would through agencies. Due to smart use of technology, the handpicked team of carers keep around 80 per cent of their client’s fee compared with around 40 per cent via a traditional care agency. This means carers are better motivated and better able to deliver quality care to their clients. The professional back-up of TrustonTap ensures consistency, reliability and peace of mind for both clients and carers.

Founder William Cotton comments:

“Over the last 2 years we have made significant progress in our desire to revolutionise the provision of care across the region. We have built a new type of care business that improves the way in which we look after the most vulnerable in our communities, whilst also ensuring that we are improving the rewards and motivation of the care workers that support them”

As well as improving the quality of care, TrustonTap is committed to bringing down the cost of care that care recipients, their families and Local authorities are paying. Based on our experience of providing care in Oxfordshire, the hourly cost of TrustonTap carers is 30% lower than care provided by traditional agencies, providing a saving of over £2000 for the average care recipient.

What is your innovation?

Finding quality care at affordable prices is a major challenge for many elderly people in the region. The traditional care agencies have been slow to adopt technology and therefore have enormous overheads in physical offices and labour-intensive processes.

We have embraced the latest technology and are offering a platform that is, in essence, a marketplace for both the ‘customers’ and the carers. The platform provides a disruptive alternative to private home care and local authority services by connecting the carers and families online and letting the two parties arrange the terms of care. By reducing the overheads associated with the traditional agencies, TrustonTap can provide quality care at significantly reduced price (average 30% less than traditional agencies), whilst rewarding the carers with c.50% higher hourly rate .

The online digital healthcare platform enables the customers (usually the sons and daughters of the people needing care) to easily choose their care needs, and the system helps match them – using TrustonTap’s proprietary algorithms – against local carers. The system allows the carers to not only create a comprehensive profile, but it also enables them to set up their availability, so the matching engine uses a combination of skills/needs, geospatial data and the carer calendar availability for matching. The use of digital technology has also been capitalised in the back offices – allowing highly and cost-effective time-sheet entry, payment processing and recruitment.

Contact Details

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Registered Address:  Lovegroves Farm, Long Wittenham,  Oxfordshire, OX14 4QQ

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