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Have you been a victim of TCC? (The Conference Coma)!

​If so, (and I think we all have!)… you have arrived at the right place!  This is the very reason why and how we came to be.  ​

​We are a small but dedicated team of Audience Engagement Specialists who have worked in the Events industry for too many combined years to mention!  We consider ourselves to be well informed, more than satisfactorily educated, highly-experienced individuals with regard to audiences, events and the beautiful people we all reply on to make it happen… our conference delegates!!!

​THE CHALLENGE:  Gaining your lovely delegates ATTENTION… and RETAINING it!… and doing this for a WHOLE DAY!​

You have valuable content to deliver, you have the most amazing knowledge to transfer from some of the best minds in your industry.  You have taken the time, the money, the effort to put it all into motion… not to mention the constant attention to detail, ever crossing and dotting those fundamental t’s and i’s… you invite people along…

​so how can you measure your event success?  How do you know how people are engaging?  retaining information?  getting motivated?  Learning?…​

​THE SOLUTION:  Our fully customised approach to include an audience engagement solution ensures that you are fully equipped to transform bland to brilliant!

​Our Interactivity Specialists have all worked for Audience Response Providers in the past and see the value and reward in using such equipment within the conference arena… but where we differ is… WE PROVIDE THEM ALL (well, the front runners anyway!).

We believe whole-heartedly in collaboration and have been developed the most fantastic relationships with some of the best minds in the marketplace when it comes to conference interactivity, audience participation and gathering feedback at events.

It has been our objective to surround ourselves with like-minded partners and providers that will work with us to provide you, the end user or organiser with the best solution(s) to suit your event environment and budget.  Handheld radio frequency systems, WiFi mobile polling, mobile voting, Q&A systems, text entry feedback, you name it, chances are…we provide it!

Contact Details

86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

0333 212 4102
[email protected]

Make connections that lead to new investments, new businesses and new ideas in the high-tech sector in Oxfordshire.