The RAIQC team comprises of consultant and trainee radiologists and radiographers from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust with many years of research and teaching experience. They are developing training and quality assurance modules for use locally within Oxford University Hospitals and Oxford Medical School. We are also engaged with Health Education England, Public Health England and London School of Radiology to create bespoke training and assessment modules.

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The Report and Image Quality Control tool (RAIQC) is an electronic learning platform for interpretation of medical images, which has a variety of applications in the teaching and assessment of medical students, radiologists, radiographers, and other health professionals. While completing a module, users are required to review an image, click on the location of the abnormality on the image and use drop-down menus to provide a diagnosis and choose a clinical recommendation. At the end of the module, the reporter is shown a report which enables them to compare themselves to their peer group, and their prior module score. This allows staff self-assessment and provides Quality Assurance for organisations. It also provides a bench-marking tool to ensure that various staff groups are reporting medical imaging with acceptable accuracy.

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