Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a disease where a blood clot forms within the deep veins of the limbs. If left untreated, half of these blood clots will travel to the lungs, forming a pulmonary embolism, which is a leading cause of death. Currently, due to inadequate screening methods, only 15% of referrals to hospitals have a confirmed DVT. Unnecessary referrals for suspected DVT cost the NHS in excess of £100M annually and pose an unnecessary risk to patients through anti-coagulation medication. OxyClot aims to reduce this burden using a combination of hardware and machine learning to provide a non-invasive, quick and accurate point of care diagnosis of DVT in the GP practice.

Current clinical practise diagnosis of DVT uses compression ultrasound. This is an expensive and complicated method that has to be performed by a radiologist in a hospital setting. We take a completely novel approach where we consider DVT as a ‘plumbing problem’. By measuring how well the blood drains from the calf when raising the leg, we can accurately detect an obstruction in the deep vein. This innovative technology is easy enough to be used by the GP and/or nurse and can reliably screen for DVTs at the GP.

OxyClot was formed through the Oxford Biodesign programme. This programme has trained us to identify unmet clinical needs through clinical immersion in the hospital and has taught us how to take innovative solutions from bench to bedside through commercial routes. We are currently in a pre-spinout stage where we are seeking financial support. We have a pending patent on the technology that OxyClot stands on. We also have plans for a clinical trial at the ambulatory unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital (when funding has become available).

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