OXWASH is an on-demand eco laundry and dry cleaning company in Oxford. We use state of the art low temperature washing technology to dramatically reduce the energy consumption used during washing. We employ water reclamation, plastic microfibre filters and innovative low impact, highly effective, chemicals to reduce the environmental impact of laundry. We use our fleet of electric cargo bikes to transport the landry and offer 15 minute collection and delivery slots anywhere in Oxford. We are working towards a complete zero net emission solution to on demand laundry.


What is your innovation?

  • –       Low temperature washing process (enabled by advanced low temperature detergents and Ozone sterilization)
  • –       Water recapture
  • –       Plastic microfibre filters
  • –       Electric cargo bikes charged using solar
  • –       15 minute collection and delivery slots
  • –       AI driven rider route optimization

Contact Details

Roger House, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES

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