Defend your business against 95% of Cyber attacks with OxSec, the Oxford standard for cyber security. OxSec provide enterprise-grade Cyber Defence solutions for SMBs that compliments and enhances existing IT infrastructure. OxSec provide 24/7 monitoring for both internal and external threats.

OxSec engineers make the installation process painless and seamless, liaising with any existing IT service providers and solutions.

OxSec are offering a free 7 day trial of the service, which is concluded with a complimentary Security Report giving SMBs insight into the security of their network.

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30 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LE

[email protected]

01865 689798


Meet the experts

Joseph Garbett


Joseph Garbett, Co-Director of OxSec Ltd and Director of several other businesses, works as a Cyber Security specialist and consultant with online highstreet retailers, financial institutions and businesses to discover and remediate vulnerabilities in web applications and websites. Joseph also works with business owners and key stake holders, helping them understand the ease of which systems and websites can be compromised and guide them the through the process of implementing Cyber Security and Cyber Defence services and mechanisms.


Dimitri Baravi


He has a lifelong passion that has carried him into the cyber security industry. With an early exposure to providing efficient tech solutions to customers, via a family computer business that spanned over 10 years, he became privy to some of the issues of bringing the two together in the modern world.

Having later read for a degree in forensic computing and security and worked in the IT industry, he noticed a lack of affordable and accessible cyber defence services for small/medium sized business in protecting themselves from cyber threats.

Following this revelation, he became determined to help protect these businesses, by applying good, proven practices to allow business owners to operate with as little risk as possible.


Alex Burton


Alex has worked for many years in the IT support industry with a heavy focus on IT security for SMB’s and SME’s, working with them to overcome the challenges and confusion that business owners can face when tasked with the myriad of options, helping them understand the options when trying to improve their security profile whilst also remaining cost efficient



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