Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) operates at the highest tier of local government in the UK and delivers a number of vital public sector services including education, social services, highway maintenance, infrastructure development, and town and country planning for matters to do with minerals, waste, highways and transport. This makes it one of the largest employers in Oxfordshire, with an annual budget of over £600 million.

There are numerous challenges that OCC and our district and city authority partners face in delivering quality services to citizens of Oxfordshire within the context of reduced funding from central government. OCC is dedicated to supporting innovation in modern society and government, working with the objective of taking a holistic and approach to transport and other infrastructure challenges in and around Oxfordshire.

What is your innovation?

Oxfordshire County Council’s Innovation Hub has been instrumental in developing links to business and academia, as well as securing external funding for projects for the county. Working with lead partners who are driving disruptive technologies we continue to challenge the status quo and drive new solutions for Oxfordshire and implementation beyond. With central government continuing to challenge local authorities to think differently and drive efficiencies we are constantly looking at the private sector and academia for new ways to collaborate with the county council opening up a growing number of opportunities to secure funding and investment.

Contact Details

County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND

Make connections that lead to new investments, new businesses and new ideas in the high-tech sector in Oxfordshire.