Oxford Robotics Innovation

We are Oxford Robotic Innovations. A robotics venture research company from Oxford Brookes’ Ice Qube Incubator. Our team consists of two highly experienced robotic engineers with specialism in hardware and software development, and a business development manager. All three members of the team are Oxford Brookes alumni.

We will be releasing our first product into the virtual and augmented reality market in Spring 2020. This product, MIDAS, will launch into the gaming and entertainment sector, capturing customers desiring the highest level of immersion in their gaming experience. MIDAS improves upon current VR controllers allowing users the ability to use their hands naturally within the virtual world, removing the barriers of the traditional wand like designs.

Our route to market involves collaborating with games developers to create new content as well as ensure that current games are accessible with our device. We will also be collaborating with current VR platforms Steam, Sony, Oculus and HTC Vive in order to distribute and license our software.

Our customer reach will come through direct marketing to our target customers. For the gaming industry this includes digital marketing through creating engaging content for social media such as video demonstrations, technology analysis, and partnership announcements. We are also building strong connections and a profile base across key platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our top line financials value Oxford Robotics Innovation at a £8m valuation with conservative estimates made against our targeted sales and growth. Our aim is that during our first year of sales we will sell 1,000 units contributing to around £1m in revenue.

What are you pitching for?

We are looking for £200,000 and assistance with the IP review of our first product; MIDAS. Although we are able to launch without these, the increased financial support will give us the opportunity to bring aboard specialist software engineers to increase the development rate of our initial product, pushing its launch up. Assistance with our IP review would also be greatly appreciated to ensure that we adequately protect our design and follow proper protocols throughout the protecting process.

Outside of support, we are also eager to seek content collaborators. MIDAS is a revolutionary product, however it will only be able to reach its potential through the creation of content for it to work alongside. This will come through collaborations with gaming and entertainment designers through launch. We also need to begin creating partnerships with medical associations for the creation of health and social care applications – the long term goal of MIDAS.

Contact Details

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Wheatley Campus, Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1HX

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