OneCup aims to reverse the habit of single use disposable food/drink containers by replacing them with quality reusables at point of need, starting with coffee cups.

We will provide participating cafes with our specially designed reusable coffee cups for free and advertise their location on our app. Then our OneCup members can locate the cafes and borrow our cup by scanning the QR code displayed at the till. When they are finished they return it to another OneCup cafe or ‘smart collector’, scanning again to confirm they have returned it safely. When the cups are returned, the café will either wash the cups in house or we will collect, wash and return them to to be reused. OneCup members will not be able to take out another cup until they return the first, ensuring they never use more than what they need.

Members pay a £1.99 monthly subscription to use OneCup which is quickly recouped by the discounts all major coffee shops offer (between 25p-50p) for drinks bought in a reusable cup. After our members 8th monthly bought coffee they will be both saving money and helping the planet.

Cafes will be keen to participate with OneCup because it costs them nothing to adopt and gives them free publicity through the application. Eco conscious customers will purposefully go to OneCup participating cafes to buy their coffee, increasing sales and company image. In return we ask they wash a portion of the OneCups that are handed back to them so they can be reused, keeping our running costs low.

Last year the coffee market grew by 7.3%, with the average British consumer visiting a coffee shop three times a week. Consumers are also growingly eco conscious wanting to reduce their contribution to the half a million takeaway cups being littered every day. Coffee is also an expensive habit, with the average British consumer spending £2,210 a year on it. Our company’s offer to help save money, hassle and the environment will be very popular.

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