Nye Health

The greatest challenges in healthcare are access to care, and not enough supply to meet growing demand. Nye tackles these challenges head on by connecting patients to healthcare professionals, their peers and service providers through a mobile platform, enabling “digital-first” care. Nye unlocks the power of established care services combined with the wisdom of the crowd to support health and wellbeing. We have partnered with primary care clinics covering hundreds of thousands of patients and are integrating with care records. We are giving citizens greater visibility of their data and greater transparency over how they can use it for their own benefit, to participate in the health and well being of their local community and to contribute to the health of humanity.

What is your innovation?

Nye enables seamless remote communication between GPs and their patients, allowing doctors to focus on the patient rather than on technology or broken workflows. Our products power the full range of telephony and remote communications including video, and integrates into systems and processes used by tens of thousands of GPs in the UK.

For patients, our mobile apps open up a world of flexible and personalised primary care with traditional NHS GP practices. By integrating with over 40 million patient record systems, we enable patients to download and interact with their health and well-being data to drive better health outcomes for themselves and their communities. Over 98% of patients that have used Nye at practices covering over 50,000 patients have given Nye a 5* rating.

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