Kymira is a technology company that uses smart garments to enhance people’s lives. Currently, our infrared technology is our main line of products, but we are currently trying to develop a ‘smart-garment’ that reads the person wearing its heart rate, producing an ECG diagram and eventually be able to detect abnormalities in the heart before they emerge.

Kymira has two sides to the company, Sport and Medical so we have two markets to aim for. The sport side of the company markets towards anyone who does any exercise whether that be running, cycling, weightlifting etc to accelerate performance by increasing blood circulation, tissue oxygenation, the efficiency of respiration, energy production & relieving pain. It also helps athletes recover due to the increased circulation, tissue oxygenation, cellular repair & replication and pain relief. This is all achieved through infrared technology that is embedded inside the garments that are activated when the wearer exerts energy. The infrared technology was originally developed for medical application and due to the sportswear side of the company growth has allowed for a large range of medical products to treat, manage and regulate chronic conditions. Under Armour is a competitor with similar technology in a few applications, however, our range is more diverse in application with both sport and medical benefits.

60% of marketing based around educating the consumer, 40% being retention of existing customers encouraging loyalty. This retention of customers will be managed through integrated e-commerce & e-mail management systems. Going to events to educate consumers face-to-face about our product which spreads brand awareness within the target market. Kymira also has a digital strategy to provide current & prospective customers with technical information about the company and products through e-mail campaigns, social media posts and blogs.

Kymira’s business model is to enhance the development of our technologies using a sportswear brand. We want to use the recent changes in legislation to convert real-world data from paying customers into medical validation. Finally, we will reinvest

profits from our sportswear brand into research and development of new technologies and for medical certification.

We have a multidisciplinary team at Kymira consisting of the R&D team, Marketing team & Business Development team as well as Tim the Founder & CEO. We are a close-knit group, together striving to make the company grow and keep innovating new ideas and technologies that will change the world.

What are you pitching for?

Investment – £250,000.

We are also eager to explore options for collaboration.

Contact Details

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0118 958 5262

59-61 Milford Rd, Reading RG1 8LG

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