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The International Communications Adviser Network Global Limited (I-CAN Global) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that offers analysis and guidance to help exporters grow international sales. The UK-wide network of advisers is formed from the expert team that developed and delivered the government’s successful Export Communications Review (ECR) programme that ran from 1996 to 2016 and related workshops in international web optimisation.

I-CAN Global delivers a proven and quality-controlled methodology for analysing exporters’ international communications; the ICR (International Communications Review) offers a wide range of advice and practical recommendations to improve export performance and help to:

  • – Create an international communications strategy and implementation plan
  • – Re-develop the website for international clients
  • – Prepare and plan communications for a trade show, mission or other overseas trip
  • – Support sales, customer negotiations, distributor selection and market research
  • – Launch a new product range or service and ensure effective communications
  • – Explore a new route to market with a world-class communications approach
  • – Update or translate marketing materials for an international audience

Typical areas of focus for an ICR might be:

  • – International web strategy including social networking, online marketing and e-Commerce
  • – Marketing, operational, packaging and/or distributor training materials
  • – Handling of international sales and technical enquiries
  • – Overseas meetings and presentations
  • – Preparation for international visits such as trade missions and exhibitions
  • – Communications with agents/distributors/partners overseas.

Contact Details

[email protected]

[email protected]

Harwell Innovation Centre, 173 Curie Avenue, Harwell, Didcot, OX11 0QG

Meet the experts

Claire Snowdon

International Business Advisor

Claire Snowdon is an Accredited Export Communications Adviser, Certified Intercultural Trainer and the Director of I-CAN Global covering the South of England. Claire has over 30 years of international manufacturing and operational leadership and extensive business and cultural expertise, having lived and worked in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Far East. She has a proven track record of business growth, cost and cycle time reduction, and of building motivated cross-functional teams, having worked on multi-million-dollar programmes in both UK and US textiles and apparel manufacturing sector.

As an international business advisor, Claire supports the STEM sector, with a particular focus on Manufacturing and Product companies. She frees up busy business owners, enabling them to grow their business by doing the research, analysis and problem solving they don’t have time for. She acts as a sounding board for ideas, filling gaps in expertise, driving projects, giving direction and mentoring as required through regular retained support or interim projects.




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