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Freeths Solicitors specialises in advising a range of innovators, investors and entrepreneurs on how to de-risk their intellectual property, business growth and investments through the tightening up of their legal paperwork.

In today’s world it is a given that as a law firm we provide advice on legal matters but at Freeths, being a lawyer is much more than that. A great service requires more than just knowing the law and responding to your needs in a transactional way. It is about lateral thinking instead of looking at the problem head on, it is about putting ourselves in your shoes, seeing your vision and listening to your ideas so that we can make those ideas happen. It is about being undeniably good and always delivering more to you than you expect. These are the qualities that separate a Freeths lawyer from other lawyers.

What makes us unique is the firm’s culture, which we call ‘freethinking’. In essence, being a Freeths’ lawyer is about a lot more than just knowing the law, it is about entrepreneurialism, it is about doing the right thing, it is about building trust and most importantly of all, it is about delivering results for the innovators, entrepreneurs and investors we act for in Oxford and throughout our network of 13 offices.

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Make connections that lead to new investments, new businesses and new ideas in the high-tech sector in Oxfordshire.