Experoment is a biotech cloud lab where researchers can design and execute experiments remotely in a reliable robotic lab from the comfort of their browser. Experoment is similar to AWS, where Amazon maintains the hardware while developers access the infrastructure on-demand and without any setup hassle. At Experoment, researchers can produce only the best of data quality, and collectively collaborate, analyse and share their data directly from Experoment’s platform and third-party AI app store.

Cloud labs have emerged to address the issue of irreproducibility in science that have proved the market need but have failed to scale due to poor technological choices. Experoment differs from other cloud lab competitors as: (1) Emerald; we focus on immuno-oncology, building a fully automated lab and basing our technology on top of open source solutions not on top of proprietary software frameworks (i.e. Wolfram-Lang), (2) Transcriptic; we explicitly rely on proven off-the-shelf instrument and robotic solutions, rather than developing any hardware, and we are closely collaborating with hardware vendors to interface with their existing software, not developing drivers from scratch.

Our focus is on cell-based biology, enabling research in immuno-oncology, genomics and synthetic biology. Based on our 6 Letters of Intent from Fortune 500 company, CRUK, SixFold, Encelo, Imperial College, Queen Mary University, we target researchers that perform exploratory small-scale high-diversity cell-based/genomics experiments. This market is accessible through (a) small and new startups that yet developing their services, (b) public institutes (e.g. universities), (c) large pharmaceutical companies and (d) scientific publishers that want to verify papers. With the assays requested in our LoIs as a starting point and the fact that trust is a major barrier to enter the market, our go-to-market strategy begins by fulfilling the requirements of our initial clients. On a highly conservative revenue breakdown, Experoment generates right on revenues of more than £2.7M/year by 2021.

Experoment’s founders are Anastasios Andronidis and Dr. Ioanna Mylonaki.

Anastasios Andronidis, MRes (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer) brings to experoment his expertise in software engineering. More specifically his experience is in the domains of cloud and High-Performance Computing, operating and distributed systems, compilers, security and programming language development. Anastasios is an established software architect with in depth knowledge of the software industry with 5+ years of industry experience at Google, Microsoft Research, Facebook, CERN and a proven track record of excellence in academia (Imperial College London).

Dr. Ioanna Mylonaki, PhD Pharm (co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer) informs on the selection of experiments and the user requirements, as she is a pharmaceutical scientist having 10+ years of expertise in drug development. She holds a proven track record as a cutting-edge researcher (Imperial College London, University of Geneva) and innovator (pharmaceutical SMEs and startups in Switzerland).

What are you pitching for?

We are raising £1M to spend in software development and lab operations in order to fulfil our letters of intent. We are also looking for mentoring from experts in the CRO market, collaboration with biotech startups and networking for potential clients.

Contact Details

International House, 12 Constance Street, London, E16 2DQ

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