Dogbot Technology

“Robotics for eco-building construction.”

Dogbot Technology Limited (spun out of Buzz Technology Limited) have developed a robotics and eco-building solution (patents pending) to enable urban space creation for residential and commercial applications. Our initial target market is residential space for high value urban locations to maximise ROI, but there are many other B2B applications such as storage, retail and aquaponic food production. Currently our team comprising of experienced engineering and sales professionals is currently in the process of prototyping a full size version of our robot which will then be used to build a 64 sqm show home. Spun out of the robotics and 3D printing R&D company, Buzz Technology Limited, Dogbot has raised £150,000 of an initial £350,000 round of investment led by Britbots (the British Robotics Seed Fund) – we are looking for other investors to top this up.

What are you pitching for?

We are pitching for £200,000 top up investment on a £350,000 round that is being led by BRITBOTS (the British Robotics Seed Fund). We are also interested in speaking with potential collaborators (marketing, building product suppliers, site owners) and team.

Contact Details

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20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU






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