DNApal is a DNA-powered personalised health app.

DNA is the key to truly personalised health and fitness plans. Our proprietary algorithm combines raw DNA data with current personal metrics like age, diet, habits etc. to deliver highly personalised plans and advice.

The global consumer DNA market is already estimated to be worth almost $20bn with over 20mn people genotyped already by the two biggest industry players: Ancestry and 23andMe. Our primary route to market will be to tap into this existing user base and offer them more value from their raw DNA data. Concurrently, our secondary route to market will be: a) through our network of practitioners and clinics (B2B), b) identifying specific social media “influencers” in the health, wellness, fitness and biohacking space, c) paid digital advertising, d) content marketing and e) SEM.

Our team is made up of a combination of nutrition, DNA and marketing experts.

We will monetise by: a) offering our own DNA kits b) selling specific products via the app c) subscriptions d) Online consultations

Projects indicate profits by Y3.

What are you pitching for?

Investment: 450k, mentoring and collaboration

Contact Details

The 1929 Building, Merton Abbey Mills, 18 Watermill Way, London, SW19 2RD



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