Data Language

Datalanguage was founded in 2014. We are a collective of curious technologists obsessed with one purpose: To help organisations innovate and achieve their dreams. We have a huge depth of experience in data innovation projects from the last 20 years, married with a world-leading expertise and passion in contemporary data technology.

We are currently a team of 16. Our clients include BBC, SKY, Parliament Digital Services, Syngenta, Jamie Oliver, Cochrane, Oxford University Press, to name a few. Our specialism is delivering new innovation platforms (data- and AI- driven services, direct-to-consumer web apps, and everything in between), and we specialise in data science and platform innovation.

Our reason for applying to Venturefest 2019 is that we are in the process of launching our own products, born out of our experience in digital media and data science in recent years.

The product we will bring to VentureFest is called Luminery, which harnesses AI and a human-in-the-loop systems, plus a new crowd working marketplace model, to enable specialist asset metadata creation. The specific problems our products have solved so far in this space include: Specialised image metadata prediction (Home Office), specialised News & Sport content metadata enrichment (SKY, NewsCorp), and performance automotive video moment enhancement (GTChannel USA), and we are now launching Rugby World Cup video moment enhancement (Sumitomo Corp, Japan).

The TAM, SAM, SOM for Luminery varies massively depending on which market sectors and regions we go after. Just looking at brand video marketing, the TAM is $40bn currently. The SaaS components we are marketing as B2B products independently, have a TAM in excess of $3bn.Regarding competition, there are lots of generic SaaS and generic metadata enrichment services in market, but very little in the space of specialised domain-driven metadata prediction, enhancement and utility, like Luminery.

What are you pitching for?

We are pitching for £3m investment, and support with market development and networking opportunities.

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