Conduent Transportation, a business unit of digital interactions company Conduent Incorporated, has been helping transform the way the world travels for more than 50 years. We’ve built a rich tradition of partnership and collaboration by customising and delivering the industry’s most innovative technology to customers around the globe.

Our advanced, innovative solutions improve mobility at all levels for kerbside management, public safety, transit and roadway charging and management.

Our mission as a globally recognised mobility services provider is to elevate every interaction — leveraging the power of cloud, mobile and IoT and coupling it with automation, cognitive and blockchain technologies — to a digital experience that is efficient, helpful and satisfying.

We aspire to help our customers reimagine the digitally powered transportation experience in a connected, autonomous world.

Together, we can transform the way the world travels. We integrate innovative technologies, advanced analytical capabilities and end-user-focused solutions to deliver faster, safer and more economical experiences for travellers and real-time revenue management for governments, transportation agencies and authorities.

For example, in parking we use data to implement qualitative performance metrics, track inactive Civil Enforcement Officer time, examine and enhance staff schedules, improve zone assignments and recommend routes to promote fair and efficient parking enforcement. Our data scientists treat parking as a feedback loop, helping cities manage the kerb to reduce congestion, encourage safe mobility and promote accessibility by making parking more convenient.

What is your innovation?

At Conduent we make it easier to manage complex, often competing systems by integrating data from different sources and vendors into a single platform to inform data-driven decision-making. Our Merge Kerbside Management system provides inventory control of networked assets like cameras, sensors, Pay & Display machines, dynamic message signs and payment apps, communicating changes in policies and monitoring performance.

Conduent’s Merge Kerbside Management platform helps lighten congestion, reduce distracted driving and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. In Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., Merge has been critical in managing kerbside demand, improving access and increasing turnover. Our open API provides real-time occupancy and parking policies to a variety of apps and online tools, giving motorists the information they need to plan and schedule their trips in advance.

For the driver, this enables them to plan their journey prior to leaving their home, with the information available to support the route they should take, based on traffic at the time they plan to arrive/depart, along with the information to support the likelihood of available parking in the area when they arrive, along with the cost to park there.

For the Transport authority, this will enable them to set parking charges at a level for behavioural change, maximising the use of underutilised bays and removing congestion from areas of limited parking availability. This data linked with travel planning Applications, allows for a complete end‑to‑end journey planner.

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