Aquobex Technologies

Aquobex Technologies use game-changing emergency management technology to help first responders, the insurance industry, infrastructure companies, corporates and NGOs keep citizens and employees safe and avoid costly impacts in emergencies.

We are a start-up that includes a technical team consisting of ex-NASA engineers and the business and sales experience of Aquobex Flood Solutions, enabling us to call on financial, administrative and business support and experience as well as to capitalise on existing sales and marketing channels.

Recognising the need for an improved system, the European Union invested $7 M in the development of I-React. I-React is a cutting edge early warning system that offers the unique ability to be integrated into existing systems to deal with multiple hazards simultaneously. It is the only system on the market that uses both push and pull alerting to engage with people at risk to offer real time, action based-warnings.

Our business model is based on a combination of software-as-a-service and service support contracts. Building on a technological core of open-source software we will become the go-to providers of accessible software solutions for disaster and emergency response around the world. Revenue will then be generated by the sale of professional level proprietary software licenses and support contracts as well as the sale of data packages to enhance the performance of the software.

Our principle target market is the public sector in governments, cities and emergency services in both developed and developing countries where the World Bank is investing $10s of Billions in hydromet systems. Our secondary markets are the insurance sector, infrastructure providers and large corporates. The total available market is $7.4 Billion of which we will secure 1%. This will amount to annual revenues of £26 Million after 5 years and annual profits of £8.8 Million.

We have already made our first sale to the city of Vejle in Denmark which is a member of a network of 100 cities around the world which we are leveraging to enter into new markets.

What are you pitching for?

We are raising £2 Million which will enable us to ensure first-mover advantage, hire at all levels and establish regional sales teams to ensure rapid global growth, and upgrade our technology to stay ahead of the competition. This would give us a 30-month runway at which point we will become cashflow positive.

We also seek business mentoring from experts in the fields of software development and sales and in scaling a software company.

Contact Details

01923 518 582

Unit 4 Genesis Building, Library Avenue, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, OX11 0SG

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