Adaptix are revolutionising the way 3D medical images are obtained.

We aim to help patients and health-care professionals to get the best possible diagnostic imaging information, wherever and whenever it is needed.  For patients, this means a quicker and more accurate diagnosis at the bedside and lower exposure to radiation; and for healthcare professionals it means additionally saving costs and time, and reducing the pressure on the CT / MRI scanning suite.

What is your innovation?

Adaptix have patented a new type of X-Ray source – the Adaptix Flat Panel Source (FPS).

Our transformative technology fires X-rays from different positions across a flat panel array of small X-ray emitters. Using an innovative software reconstruction, a 3D Digital Tomosynthesis (DT) image set will be produced.  These results provide more diagnostic accuracy than 2D imaging at a fraction of the dose received from a CT scan, all in a mobile device that can be brought to the patient easily and at low cost. The technology will have impact in the dental, orthopaedic, chest and breast imaging areas.

Contact Details

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Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Begbroke Science Park, Woodstock Road, Oxfordshire OX5 1PF

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