Venturefest 2018

Travel Information

The event will take place at Oxford Brookes University, Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 0BP. Venturefest Oxford registration will take place in the Clerici Building, on Gipsy Lane.

Complimentary bus travel is available on the Park n Ride 400 service and the Oxford Brookes Busses U1 and U5. Timetables and route maps below.

Park&Ride 400

The 400 travels between Seacourt Park&Ride, along the Botley Road, through Oxford City Centre, along the Headington Road to Thornhill Park&Ride and return. Please note that parking charges apply at all Park&Ride car parks. Details are available on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

The entrance to Venturefest Oxford is in the Clerici Building, on Gispy Lane. 


Brookes Bus U1

The U1 route is from the City Centre, picking up in St Aldates, the High Street and along Headington Road.

The entrance to Venturefest Oxford is in the Clerici Building, on Gispy Lane. From the bus stop walk towards Headington and turn left onto Gipsy Lane, the entrance is 100 yards on the right. 

Brookes Bus U5

The U5 route is from the City Centre, picking up in St Aldates and the High Street along Cowley Road, Oxford Road, Hollow Way, The Slade, Old Road and Gipsy Lane.

The entrance to Venturefest Oxford, in the Clerici Building is next to the U5 bus stop. 

The U5 will be running on the vacation timetable:

Venturefest Oxford

Join us on Wednesday 12th September at Oxford Brookes University. Book your ticket now!

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Innovation Showcase

The showcase welcomes the most innovative and exciting business innovations.

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Pitching for Success

Venturefest’s elevator pitch competition –  Apply now! Open until 15th August.

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Get connected with key business support services at the 2018 exhibition.

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